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Confluent charging set

release date:2019-08-26 viewed:456

◆The overall charging conversion efficiency exceeds 95%, and the standby power consumption is 0.012%

◆Having simple structure, less power components and high reliability

◆Charging terminal noise: “zero”

◆The independent air duct makes them adapt to various environments and have a life span of 10-15

◆Common DC bus topology can directly expand photovoltaic, energy-storage and other energy systems

◆The single output is up to 1000kw, with direct 10KV access scheme

◆Innovative use of high power during charging power adaptive and intelligent scheduling

◆Realized the bi-directional charge and discharge between electric vehicle and common Dc micro grid

◆Varied power charging terminals can satisfy 32 charging ports of 30KW output each

◆Flexibly charging and automatically selecting power output

◆Wide range of voltage output

◆Integrated active filtering function has little influence on the power grid

◆High light-load efficiency and low power consumption under high load