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Founded in April 2016, Anhui Aieede Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aieede) is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sale of new energy vehicle charging equipment and related applications. Relying on independent intellectual property rights and a number of invention patents, Aieede is always customer-oriented and determined to manufacture the world’s leading products, provide customer satisfactory service, and become a world-class brand in the new energy automotive industry chain.

 With more than 20 invention patents and nearly 100 software copyrights and other proprietary intellectual property rights, Aieede not only has strong development and design capacity, set up a technology research & development center, but also cultivated a mature professional research and development team, and remains leading in the industry. After years of development, Aieede has developed a series of vehicle terminals including AC and DC charging piles, charging connectors and charging gun heads, and has been invited to attend the European Trade Exhibition. Its products live up to the latest national and industrial standards, and can meet the service requirements for charging and other operations with comprehensive security protection functions, based on the concept of Internet “cloud service” and using the back-end operation cloud platform of millions of charging piles independently developed.

 Aieede actively answers the national call for major industry development of new energy vehicles, established a standardized management system, multiple semi-automatic production lines, streamlined management mode, an efficient and perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service system on the premise of guaranteeing the quality of products, and has won the recognition of customers.

 With the explosive growth of new energy vehicles, Aieede is striving to grow into a new-energy vehicle supporting industry with an output value of hundred million Yuan, a market share of over 40%, a net profit of 20 million Yuan and a tax amount of 5 million Yuan. Now, it not only provides charging pile supporting facilities for JAC new energy vehicles, but has concluded cooperation with SAIC MOTOR, FAW, CHERY, HAIMA, BAIC BJEV and other main engine plants in the terminal project, and built the national energy-saving and new-energy vehicle industry base. With reasonable organizational structure, rich industry resources and strong technical force, Aieede is highly capable of project feasibility study, power station scheme design, engineering design, product supply and project implementation management.

 Adhering to such idea of development as “boosting green energy and intelligently enjoying science and technology in the future”, Anhui Aieede Power Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and application of new-energy vehicle charging products, and stepping into a broader international enterprise growth space through culturally centering around innovation, cooperation and win-win development for corporate development, driven by technological innovation, aiming at serving the users realistically and honestly, standing on the front line of providing the society new energy products and services, and integrating existing resources.