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Electric vehicle charging device concept

release date:2019-08-26 viewed:446

  With the development of times and the progress of science and technology, cars, electric cars and battery cars have become the most commonly used means of transportation. In the past, these vehicles need to be powered by gasoline. With the progress of science and technology, as long as the car can be charged with electricity, electric vehicles have attracted extensive attention from the market. Rechargeable cars and electric cars are convenient, healthy, environmentally friendly and free of air pollution.

    As low-carbon economy becomes the main melody of China's economic development, electric vehicles, as an important part of the new energy strategy and smart grid, will become the focus of the development of China's automobile industry and energy industry in the future. Ev charging facilities must be developed in coordination with ev.

     Most people have a vague concept of charging devices for electric cars, and are not very clear about charging piles, charging stations and charging ports. The current charging pile generally refers to ac charging pile, which only provides ac power output but has no charging function. Therefore, it is necessary to connect the on-board charging machine to charge the vehicle, with a small power and a long charging time. Ev charging stations are stations that charge electric cars, similar to gas stations today. Electric vehicle charging and changing station is a relatively comprehensive electric vehicle energy supply place, with battery replacement, high-power charging equipment, can be used for ordinary and fast charging of different types of vehicle batteries, and provide different charging services for a variety of vehicles.