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Aieede appearance at the automy "city travel" exhibition in Paris

release date:2019-10-22 viewed:433

From October 16 to 17, the "city travel" exhibition of automation in Paris was held ceremoniously.

More than 10000 people participated in the exhibition, including 110 speakers, 220 exhibitors, national representatives from 30 countries, 200 journalists and the largest charging pile enterprise in Europe.

As the only participating enterprise in China, aieede's products are mainly AC charging piles and supporting charging products. Its novel appearance, mature technology and leading platform attract many experts and journalists.

As an exhibitor, ayd brings excellent products abroad, shares advanced technology globally, and contributes to the green travel of personal and urban transportation.

At the same time, the exhibition gathered the latest modes of travel in French and even global cities, which is also an opportunity for us to learn and exchange, actively discuss the latest modes of travel with global startups, and jointly create a more intelligent urban travel scheme in the future.