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Anhui accelerated the construction of new energy vehicle charging facilities

release date:2019-09-11 viewed:328

According to Xinhua News Agency (reporter zhan tingting) learned from the general office of anhui provincial government, anhui will accelerate the construction of charging facilities, and build a total of 50 charging (replacement) power stations and 35,000 charging piles in the whole province by 2017. By 2020, a service network of charging facilities with reasonable layout and advanced equipment covering the whole province will be basically established.

According to the guidelines on accelerating the development and popularization of new energy vehicles, the construction of charging facilities and supporting power grids should be incorporated into urban and rural planning, and more land should be provided for the construction of charging facilities. At the same time, we will encourage social capital to enter the field of charging facilities.

According to the opinions, the requirements for charging facilities should be specified in the land supply conditions for new buildings to build parking lots and urban public parking lots. In principle, charging piles or charging facilities interfaces should be built according to no less than 20% of the total number of parking Spaces for new public buildings and urban public parking lots. In principle, charging piles or reserved charging facility interfaces should be built according to the proportion of no less than 10% of the total parking space.

By the end of 2014, anhui had produced and promoted more than 10,000 new energy vehicles, initially forming a new energy vehicle industry system with hefei and wuhu as the center, jianghuai automobile and chery automobile as the backbone, integrating r&d, industrialization and demonstration operation.