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The difference between charging station and gas station

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For gas stations, oil is a dangerous chemical. The state should strictly control and regulate the storage, sales, transportation and other links of hazardous chemicals. At the gas station level, it is necessary to increase safety management and reduce safety risks caused by chemical instability through the construction of the station with personnel on duty. Therefore, the construction of traditional gas stations is more from the perspective of safety and puts convenience of gas stations in the second place. Generally, when the fuel gauge is below a certain level, the customer will go to a nearby gas station to fill up the tank, and the waiting time will be 5-10 minutes. Therefore, the layout of the gas station is relatively simple, as long as there is a certain density within a certain area can meet the demand.

For charging stations, electricity is everywhere around us. Although there are some dangers, it can be controlled. Even if accidents happen, the coverage will not be too wide. And, more importantly, based on the car battery is given priority to with slow filling (h) 5-8, quick charge for electricity (0.5 1.5 h) auxiliary charging mode, considering the user used in the transport charge, the owner is more used to come home at night or work in the day time, vehicle parking at this time for a long time, meet the requirement of slow filling, and occasionally use quick charge for electricity, such as under the environment of shopping malls, public places short stay.

Therefore, the starting point of charging station construction is different from that of gas station. Charging infrastructure construction should not be based on the model of gas station. In order to proceed from the characteristics of new energy automobile industry, charging infrastructure construction should take more consideration of the convenience of users. Therefore, from the point of view of destination charging, the construction of distributed charging pile group is the trend of charging stations. The construction of distributed charging pile group should emphasize the concept of "network", which may be a few points in the early stage. With the increase of users and the expansion of scale, an urban service network will be formed from point to surface, which is the ecological structure of the future urban charging infrastructure. The person whose network builds early, scale is big, service level is high, who occupied the highland of future industry.