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Promotion of new energy vehicles in government work report

release date:2019-09-11 viewed:399

According to the opinions and Suggestions put forward by deputies attending the second session of the 12th National People's Congress and members of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the State Council has repeatedly deliberated and carefully revised the report on the work of the government in 16 areas. Among them, there are 6 important modifications, all involving the key work in 2014.

In the "deepening reform of the financial system" section of the "promoting new breakthroughs in reform in important areas", we will add "developing inclusive finance" to ensure that the fruits of financial reform and development benefit more and better the people.

During the period of "promoting agricultural modernization and rural reform and development", "cultivating new professional farmers" should be added to meet the needs of innovating agricultural production and management methods.

In the section on "accelerating the reform of the scientific and technological system" under "supporting and leading the optimization and upgrading of the economic structure with innovation", we should increase "attaching importance to popularizing science and building a scientific spirit", so as to raise the whole society's awareness of respecting and advocating science.

In "strengthening social construction in education, health, culture and other aspects", "promoting the in-depth development of medical reform" should be added "building harmonious doctor-patient relationship" to reflect the expectations of the masses and the society.

In the "efforts to build a better home with ecological civilization", "strengthen the prevention and control of pollution" section, increase the "promotion of new energy vehicles", in order to accelerate the development of new energy vehicles industry, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, promote the prevention and control of air pollution.

In the section of "promoting ecological protection and construction" in "striving to build a beautiful home with ecological civilization", "exploring the establishment of a cross-regional and cross-watershed ecological compensation mechanism" is replaced by "promoting the establishment of a cross-regional and cross-watershed ecological compensation mechanism", in order to show a more positive attitude towards the establishment of an ecological compensation mechanism.